Photoshop World Day 3 Recap

September 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

The third day of Photoshop World is always bittersweet. It’s the last day and your body is over being abused by the running around from your room to the conference, running to classes that are at opposite ends, scouring the huge conference Expo, and standing/sitting for hours at a time. Your brain is overloaded with things you have learned, ideas for your personal creative expression, and the names of the new friends you have made and will run into again. Thank goodness there isn’t a test at the end of this thing.

Knowing all of this, day 3 was just packed. I had planned on sleeping in, as I was already tired, and had a long day that ended with a long drive across the desert home to Los Angeles. However, I was invited to a breakfast for the readers of Photofocus  by none other than Robert Vanelli, one of the great personalities of PSW. How could I say no to Vanelli?

Going to this breakfast was great- I was able to chat with other readers, as well as publisher of the site Richard Harrington. Perhaps a highlight of that breakfast was meeting and chatting with photographers Nicole Young and Brian Matiash. I have been following Nicole on her blog and social media for years, and have always missed her at Photoshop Worlds past. Ditto for Brian – I ended up sitting next to them at breakfast and even got a selfie with Nicole, taken by Nicole. Where other than PSW can this happen?

Nicole S. Young and I, taken by Nicole.

Nicole S. Young and I, taken by Nicole.

And then of course after a nice leisurely breakfast, it was time to squeeze everything I hadn’t done or still needed to do. Between sessions I wanted to see, visiting the Expo floor, demos on the Expo floor, and everything else, there was plenty to keep me busy until the closing ceremony that capped off the event in the afternoon.

My first order of business was to collect my camera that had gone in for a free cleaning by Canon Professional Services. I was also able to get an image printed on a Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer free of cost. These are just two more opportunities provided by PSW to attendees.

Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer printer printing my image ‘Golden Flower”

Out on the Expo floor, free demos were taking place at several booths. One such demo at the Wacom booth was Kevin Stohlmeyer’s PSW composite found here .

Kevin Stohlmeyer demos his PSW composite at the Wacom booth.

Kevin Stohlmeyer demos his PSW composite at the Wacom booth.

Adobe booth at the Expo floor.

Adobe booth at the Expo floor.

After squeezing in all of that, it was time for the final event- the Wrap Up Rally. This is always bittersweet- you know that it’s ending, but you are having such a great time and still learning.At this final event, videos of the previous days are shown, instructors take the stage one more time, and prizes are given away.

There were a few new instructors who spoke at the final event this year after Larry Becker  opened up the event. Tim Wallace, Roberto Valenzuela (who brought the house down)  and Lindsay Adler all spoke about different lessons they have learned in their career. PSW world regular Moose Peterson wow’ed with some of his photography of war birds and the men who flew them, which will be a Kelby One special on September 12 – you can find out more about it here.

Scott Kelby is always last to take the stage to thank everyone for another great Photoshop World. And it was!

Until Photoshop World August 2015!





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