December 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

Reflection, originally uploaded by Kristina Jacob Photography.

An “old” photo that I found on my iPhone. I had passed by this image a few times during walks around my neighborhood, and took this photo as a test shot, thinking that I would come back with my “real” camera when the light was better.

Well when I went back with my “real” camera, the mirror was gone (it had been there a few weeks). It just goes to show that saying “I’ll get that later” doesn’t always fly.

Taken with iPhone 3GS, edited with Photogene for iPhone.


Not leaving well enough alone

December 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

OK, in my previous post, I featured this image captured in Disneyland.

It's about the eye

However, I wasn’t happy with it, which was just gnawing away at me in the days since I posted it. Finally, I decided to get a purely critical POV from objective eyes, and utilized a critique forum on Flickr.

After taking a couple of the suggestions in the forum, I edited it a bit differently in Lightroom, mainly getting rid of the ugly extreme vignetting and toying with the contrasts a little bit:

Profile 2

Could this be a better image? Absolutely! I took this with my point and shoot, so I was limited when it came to DOF. I wish the little girl had turned a bit more my way to reveal more of her eye. And I really wish that she hadn’t worn a striped shirt.

However, I loved the image in that moment. This little’s girl’s pensive pose will always remind me of that October day in Disneyland on the Rivers of America. I also think the reflection on the banister is kind of cool, and it may not have caught my eye if she wasn’t wearing that striped shirt.

Please feel free to tell me what you, esteemed reader, think of the image. Was the second edit better? Do they look the same?

Thanks as always for stopping by, and for sticking with me through my photographic journey.

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