Giraffes Galore!

November 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

I must admit, I think why I love photography so much is because it gives me a chance to stalk seek out animals/nature.  I love animals, and will take pet portraits, but my love is the truly strange animals.  So when I found out that you could feed GIRAFFES at the Santa Barbara Zoo, I was all over that.

Now, my main purpose of feeding the giraffes was to get close up enough to them so that I could get pictures of them with my wide angle lens, and make for some funny portraits.  I got those, and some close ups, but also really fun experience. I have always liked giraffes (see above: truly strange animals), but to feed the gentle giants that have siblings roaming a continent on the other side of the world is just mind-boggling.  Needless to say $4 for three (yes, 3) veggie biscuits (?) was well worth it.  Next time, I will have plenty of cash for the zoo employee who jiggles the treat bucket for the giraffes to come on over.

Here is my favorite photo, taken with my 10-22 lens:

Treat time


Learning is fun!

November 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

It has been a long while since I have posted anything new, but it is my November resolution to start tomorrow!  When I am not taking photos, I am setting up photos in my mind.  And part of that is absorbing as much as I possibly can.  My FAVORITE way to do this is by reading blogs and listening to podcasts.  In particular, my favorite photography site is TWIP-This Week In Photography

The hosts Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay are professionals, and they have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for photography that is unparalleled. Their regulars on the show are awesome, and come from different photographic backgrounds.

They also have fun contests to get you to explore your photographic creativity, and awesome giveaways.  Pretty enticing stuff!

The podcasts has info that is great for every skill level, and is definitely worth checking out.  I cannot say enough about how great these guys are and I have learned tons fro them since I have been listening to their podcasts (they just started in February of this year).

And of course, the website complements the podcast, and they keep it updated so there is always something new.

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